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Individual Therapy and Counseling

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Whether a person is struggling with a specific situation, temporary stressors, life-long mental health issue, or an immediate crisis; individual therapy can be highly effective in helping a person achieve their optimal functioning and regain per. We use evidence based methods tailored for the individual client with a primary objective of staying on track and achieving desired results in a timely manner.  Primary therapeutic approaches are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialetical behavior therapy (DBT) concepts, and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT). When clients have a trauma, anxiety, or phobia based concern, we integrate methods to address the neuropsychological impact to the client. 

(60 minute session / $135.00) 

Over the years we have developed a hybrid form of couples counseling that seems to be very effective. Primarily we see the couple together, but may also see the couple as individuals, as needed. Information disclosed during the individual sessions we will remain confidential. Sessions are designed to help couples address general relationship issues, infidelity, enhance intimacy, improve communications, or help facilitate discussion about other relationships options such as separation or divorce.

(60 minute session / $135.00)

Couples Therapy
Sex Therapy

Sexuality and sexual intimacy are important aspects of the human experience. Whether individual or a couples focused challenge, there can be a very wide range of sexual difficulties, dysfunctions, and levels of responsiveness. Some issues can be very complex and involve elements of a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature. A majority of our clients are able to make substantial improvements with their sex therapy goals. Individual or couples sessions are possible options.

(60 minute session / $135.00)

Clinical hypnosis is a very effective tool to use when addressing a wide variety of issues and concerns. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and inappropriate dramatizations depicting hypnosis. Clients often ask for dedicated hypnosis sessions. We can also integrate hypnosis, or similar neurolinguistic programming techniques as an adjunct method in a general therapy session to help improve effectiveness and outcomes. See the website blog for more details regarding hypnosis in the context of therapy sessions.

(60 minute session / $135.00)

Clinical Hypnosis
Supervision / Consultation

For a variety of reasons, Supervision & Consultation is an important element of professional practice. As Therapists, addressing our own issues as relates to service delivery is an essential consideration in optimizing therapeutic factors. Complicated clients and situations may require consultation in order to stay on the correct side of ethical and liability concerns. My experience and broad background can help provide collaborative clarity and insight into even the most complicated issues. For Florida practitioners, I offer "Qualified Supervision" for Mental Health Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist Interns via remote access (as is currently allowed in Florida). 

(45 minute session / $75.00)

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