• J R Fatz

Will clinical hypnosis work for _______?

I have been getting a lot of calls about the effectiveness and applicability of hypnosis for a variety of issues. Generally speaking, therapeutic (or clinical) hypnosis is simply a tool that can be used for a variety of issues or targeted goals. A simple answer is - hypnosis can help almost anything with almost any type of an issue or goal. That is a pretty broad statement. But, if increased focus or attention, relaxation, mindfulness, insight, or clarity can help with an issue - then hypnosis can help with the issue. Based on the therapeutic goals of the client hypnosis can help a person achieve    those goals quicker and easier in almost all cases.

Almost everyone can by hypnotized to some degree. The state of hypnosis is not static. When a client is in a hypnotic state, they move in and out of that state. Sometimes very deep, sometimes not as deep. This variation is understandably different between different people, but it is also a variation that occurs within the same person; even within the same session. Just as your conscious awareness changes, so does your subconscious awareness shift.

Even people who are less prone to go into deep hypnotic states can, and do, learn to go deeper and quicker over time, just like any other learned skill. Additionally, the depth of hypnosis is not necessarily related to the success of hypnosis. Often times, the subtle state between awareness and subconscious is a very powerful time for hypnotic work to take effect.

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