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Wishing Wellness - J R Fatz

Our Approach

Many people struggle with issues that come and go over long periods of time. Sometimes, brief changes or improvements can be made; but the issues keep reoccurring or shifting. The specifics may change, but the problematic process remains the same. Despite a person's best effort, they find themselves in the same or similar situation.  It becomes difficult to understand what is happening or how to create substantial change. 

In order to recognize the maladaptive patterns and sustain change, a person needs to understand the issues in a holistic manner.  Sustained wellness requires balance in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Understanding maladaptive, repetitive, self-defeating processes and behaviors, is essential to make lasting improvements.

Our sessions use evidenced based methods and techniques in an effort to make substantial and long lasting changes. Using an eclectic approach that blends cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), adapted dialectical behavior therapy techniques (DBT), EMDR, clinical hypnosis, or brief solution focused therapy (BSFT), significant issues can often be resolved in a relatively short period of time. Using the appropriate blend of methods has a high probability of success even when prior attempts to change have failed.

Wishing Wellness - Achieving Balance Within

Even if it were not for the "new normal" of limiting inter-personal contact; telehealth has many benefits such as:

  • Effectiveness - research shows that telehealth sessions are as effective as in-person sessions

  • Private - other people will not see you arriving or departing the therapist's office

  • Confidential - we use HIPAA compliant secure platforms for our sessions

  • Better time management - no wasted travel time to or from your appointment

  • Session can occur anywhere you have a mobile device, tablet, or computer; and cell or internet service

  • Session may be more cost-effective

  • Some clients may feel more comfortable having a session while they are in a familiar location

  • Accessibility regardless of weather

  • Couples counseling can occur even when two people are in different locations

  • Sessions can remain consistent during travel or vacation